Other Garden Care

Other Garden Care
Sit back and let us take care of all your garden’s needs throughout the entire year, so all you have to do is enjoy it.

Please see below some of the other garden care we provide.

Pruning in General

While some ornamental shrubs and trees don’t require regular pruning, others will. This is to ensure healthy growth, remove dead or any unsightly growth, improve the overall appearance and shape, to ensure healthy flowers and/or berries are produced each year. If some shrubs are left unpruned and are allowed to continue to grow from where the growth ended from the previous season, it will allow them to become top heavy, unsightly and with flowers only being produced above eye level leaving a bare base.

Rose Pruning & Care

Rose pruning ensures that plants continue to grow vigorously and flower well year after year. This is an area that we pride ourselves on and have many years of experience, so you can be assured that your roses will be in the best hands.

Bark Mulch

Bark mulch can be a cheaper alternative for weed management in your garden.

Reasons to use bark mulch and chippings:
● Suppresses weeds
● Reduces tasks such as time spent on watering and weeding
● Can give a tidier appearance to your garden but this is all down to personal choice
● Helps retain moisture in the summer and rain to penetrate in the winter
● Protects roots in the winter.

Vegetable Plot Maintenance & Care

Vegetable plots are a great way of providing a healthy and consistent source of year-round food. However, vegetable plots require a lot of care and maintenance which is why this is a service we provide. When it comes to vegetable plots we have many years experience and a wide range of knowledge to be able to produce great fruit and veg.